Selfish is something to talk about

We’ve been getting talked about on Transworld, Thrasher, Skateboard Mag, Slap Mag, Skateboarder, ESPN, Focus Mag, Interstate, Allisports etc not to mention all the international websites like: lesiteduskateboard,, Europeskate, Tackyworld etc… We hope you keep supporting us throughout 2011 and we will continue to “give them something to talk about” as sung by Will Ferrell here. A lot more to come in the upcoming months. Prodigy will announce his new book, tours and autograph sessions promoting the collabo board thru all of the US. One million people have already been reached on on their newsletter. We will also be touring with the whole team in Europe to promote sales for our distributors. We will be touring Finland, Germany, Austia and Czech Republic. We are still working to drop by France and Spain. We are doing very well with our Japan distributor and we will be going there likely during summer. We pride ourselves on being the most talked about skateboard brand of the last 6 months and we will continue till we reach the top! 

This being said…

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