Jereme Rogers “Do it Myself”

We here at Selfish Skateboards believe in offering the best quality money can buy. Not only are they made in North America but every board is pressed, cut, varnished and printed by Jereme Rogers for quality assurance. We also believe every board should not only be 3flipped but also switch 3flipped by Jereme Rogers to make sure you are skating the best possible skateboards!

Okay maybe not every board is built by Jereme… and maybe not all the boards are tested by Jereme but one thing is for sure they are ALWAYS 100% CANADA MADE with the best Hardrock Canadian maple money can buy!!! The Hardrock Canadian maple is the BEST wood to make skateboards and makes for an extra snappy skateboards. Check the label on your skateboard to see where its done! Chances are you wil see: MADE IN CHINA. Its not always about who has the coolest graphic but sometimes its about getting the best product for your money!

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