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Aquil Brathwaite is on Blackbear

This just in!!! Check out Aquil newest sponsor: Blackbear Energy.

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Selfish Skateboards in Europe

Its almost done… Europe will be receiving their first shipment of Selfish boards very shortly! These pictures are just a fraction of the massive order going overseas!!! *** We will update the Retail section very shortly ***

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Selfish is Marketing GOLD

Most of you heard about the Jenkem mag interview with Jereme Rogers. No matter what the opinion you have on Jereme people want to read about him. 500 Facebook likes, links from 25+ sites and blogs, and about 13,000 page views … Continue reading

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1st day @ Tampa Pro

I was sent this video this morning… another video of the first day qualifiers @ Tampa Pro!

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Japan strength

Once again I’m doing a post not related to skateboarding but I saw this picture and I had to share it… This picture demonstrates how the Japanese people are strong… look at the speed they are rebuilding their country!! There … Continue reading

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Pulp 68 Switzerland

If you’ve ever been to Switzerland you probably know the world famous Pulp68 shop… Jim the owner is supporter of Selfish Skateboards since day 1! He is a firm believer in Canadian quality so carrying Selfish was a no brainer… … Continue reading

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Kyle Nicholson Spring mix #2

AXION SPRING11 MIX pt 2 from axion footwear on Vimeo. Kyle Nicholson is putting in the work… He’s on fire… check this video out of Kyle with the Axion team The buzz around this kid is growing every day… keep … Continue reading

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Any publicity is good publicity…

You always hear that saying: “any publicity is good publicity” If you’ve ever wondered why its pretty simple: In a new study from Stanford Graduate School of Business, researchers say in some cases negative publicity can increase sales when a … Continue reading

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Zealot Indonesia

Selfish Skateboards is now sold throughout Indonesia! Indonesia has a population of 238 million so this great news for us. We plan to promote, and help push skateboarding as much as possible in this part of the world. Zealot is now the exclusive distributor in … Continue reading

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Legends converse… on twitter

Well its all over the internet so I might as well post it… Jamie Thomas and Jereme Rogers had a great conversation on Twitter… too long to explain check it out here. Thanks Phil from for posing this.

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