Jereme Rogers 1985-2011

APRIL FOOLS!!! Nobody is dead… there must have been at least 40 skateboard companies doing April fools joke so most of you were cautious. I received about 50 emails today and about 40 knew it wasnt true! We just wanted to make the haters happy…

It is with great sadness that I write this post. Last night at 2:30AM pro skateboarder Jereme Rogers was fatally shot outside the Lux nightclub in Toronto, Canada. He had just performed a few songs from his new CD Musical Chairs and had stepped outside when the event unfolded. The circumstances are still unclear but he was shot at least four times to the chest and abdomen. He was a personal friend of mine so this is a hard time for his family, the Selfish team and myself. Our future is uncertain at this point and we will decide in the upcoming days what the future for Selfish will become.

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5 Responses to Jereme Rogers 1985-2011

  1. Will says:

    April Foools?!?!

  2. zealot says:

    what happened with jereme?

  3. carell says:

    holy shit this isnt funny…but you had me going for a second

  4. illy says:

    This design is dope. Would love to trade spots with Jereme in this pic!!!!

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