Rhymes of winning? Anyone? Yeah that would be us…

Selfish is Winning! Just shipped thousands of boards over seas! Thanks to all our distributors that get what we are doing here! We are keeping skateboarding entertaining and fresh…

We are also doing all our boards IN CANADA with East Coast hardrock Canadian maple so board quality is amazing! If you’re breaking your board on your first session chances are your board is made in China! Some brands will advertise using East Coast hardrock Canadian maple but they are MADE in CHINA. When wood travels from Canada to China the humidity level drops making for a brittle board. Imagine a stick on the beach if its dried up it will snap… if there is still humidity in the stick it will be harder to break.

Selfish is available at the finest distributors in the USA… All other countries click the dealer link to see who is carrying boards in your country. We have more distributors that will be added shortly.

Special thanks to my man Richie from MDCN in Germany for the support! 

Let’s bring fiery death to this industry! – Charlie Sheen

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