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Famous Sk8 video now available!!!

Check out the Famous “EVERYWHERE WE GO” Skate video trailer. Its now available on Itunes and DVD so pick it up!!! Staring: Luis Tolentino, Manny Santiago, Darren Harper, Felix, Kurtis Colamonico, Andrew Pott and Selfishs own: Aquil Brathwaite, Shot and … Continue reading

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Selfish all over the Internet

We’ll 2011 is ours so far… we have taken over the internet. We generated tens of thousands in a couple of days (Jamie Thomas Twitter conversation, Jenkem mag interview and SBC Soundboard) and we haven’t even started our tours!!! We are … Continue reading

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Brian Wenning trick tips

Compilation of a few trick tips by Brian Wenning… check em out! Joneye and Brian are working on some new videos and we will post them here as soon as we have them!!

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5000 unique users in ONE weekend

Thats how many clicks we generated in ONE weekend with the Jereme Rogers soundboard! Thanks everybody thats amazing… Hundreds of you called shops as Jereme this past weekend but so far I only received pranks with really bad audio… If you have … Continue reading

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Jereme Rogers soundboard pranks

Check out some of the pranks that were done to a few Canadian shops here: Link 1 Link 2 If you have any pranks you’d like to have posted on our website send them to

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Jereme Rogers soundboard

If you want to prank your local shop for April fools you have to check out the Jereme Rogers soundboard. Send over your pranks and we’ll post them here! Please email me the name of the shop you pranked as … Continue reading

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Jereme Rogers 1985-2011

APRIL FOOLS!!! Nobody is dead… there must have been at least 40 skateboard companies doing April fools joke so most of you were cautious. I received about 50 emails today and about 40 knew it wasnt true! We just wanted … Continue reading

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