Selfish Skateboards x Booba

This press release is for our friends in France and all the other french speaking countries and provinces. This collaboration is with the most successful rapper in France: Booba. He has between 2-4 million hits on each of his videos. He recently walked Jean Pascal into the ring before his fight with Bernard Hopkins. This is a part of our targeted marketing campaign and we are only getting started… a lot more in the works!

Press release May 31st 2011:

Voilà que seulement 6 mois après l’infâme collabo Selfish/Prodigy, Selfish Skateboards annonce sa 2e collaboration cette fois-ci avec le rappeur Français : BOOBA. Il ne fait aucun doute que BOOBA est le rappeur ayant le plus de succès dans le rap Français. Ce board fait donc partie de la nouvelle offensive de Selfish Skateboards pour se différencier de tout les autres brands Américains. Le board est aussi une occasion de démontrer que nous avons à cœur votre marché, que nous avons l’intention d’investir dans des riders locaux et que ceci est la première et non la dernière collaboration en sol Français…

Thank you for any and all support and recognition that we received from you. France is one of the most wonderful and beautiful countries on the planet, I’ve visited there many times and wish to many more. Any way that we can give back to you as you’ve given back to us, and me personally in my career… we will do – Jereme Rogers

Here’s one of his songs

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