Selfish Fall catalog 2011 now online!!!

Check out all the new boards and t-shirts in our products section… A lot of new stuff for Fall! New one-0ffs are Brian Wenning Robocop-Killa, Jereme Rogers Magnums what I fit and Aquil Brathwaite Cops. On top of that we have the controversial¬†Rip-Off series and new team boards plus a few best sellers coming back in new colorways…

All the boards are made in Canada with 100% hardrock canadian maple. We care about making a quality product and keeping jobs here in North America! The key to our¬†economic future is keeping manufacturing on this continent and not buying Chinese products when possible… so buy a Selfish skateboard! Made by skateboarders for skateboarders!!!

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  1. Detalles de la tabla.

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