Selfish Skateboards MADE in Canada

In this time of economic uncertainty one thing is certain: We need to buy products made on this continent. We import products from people that don’t import ours. China runs everything including skateboarding. Every skateboarder has the power to change this. Some US cities have a 36% poverty rate amongnst their citizens (Source CNN) that’s because all their jobs are now in China. This is bigger than skateboarding its about all of us.

Check the labels you will see these three words on most of your favourite brands: MADE IN CHINA. You can be assured when you buy a Selfish Skateboard its made with the best Hardrock Canadian Maple straight from the source IN CANADA!

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2 Responses to Selfish Skateboards MADE in Canada

  1. Becky says:

    An intelilnget answer – no BS – which makes a pleasant change

  2. craig says:


    I checked out control mfg in canada because it says they are a dealer, but it looks like they make boards for bulk order. How does one in canada buy your decks in canada?



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