Footy Fridays: D’Andre Martin

This week we received a ton of sponsor me tapes so picking this weeks video was hard. We ended up going with D’Andre Martin from Dallas Texas. He’s only 16 years old and you can see he’s got a lot of potential. He’s got more footage coming out but we received his part from last year. Check it out!

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5 Responses to Footy Fridays: D’Andre Martin

  1. Wen Jo says:

    D’Andre Martin is 1 sick kid. Do you know his contact info?

  2. B Gib says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! He is an amazing kid. Keep up the hard work D’Andre.

  3. Gina W says:

    That’s my Lil’ Cuz!! You Rock D’Andre!!

  4. says:

    d’andre keep up the good work it is amazing what you have displayed here!

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