U.K. Mailorders

Ever since we started Selfish the U.K has been one of the top visiting countries our website. Thousands of you checked our website and continue to do so. If you guys would like to order boards here are a few options for you.

Shops that want our products can contact Louis @ Slugger distribution and customers can get them on SS20 and Route One. These are very trustworthy distributors!

Don’t forget to send over your sponsor me footage! We are always on the lookout for local talent.

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One Response to U.K. Mailorders

  1. Sam Williams says:

    My Name is Sam Williams im 16 from Romford in London
    im very passionate about skateboarding being skateboarding now for 6 years , i first picked up the board in Dubai were i learnt the hard way by skatng with kids way better than me , and have learnt alot in the few years that i have been back in the uk
    would very much like you guys to sponsor me im a big fan of your brand.

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