Terell Robinson is Selfish

The Gossip is true: Terell Robinson is now Selfish. He joins Jereme Rogers, Aquil Brathwaite and Kyle Nicholson on the most talked about Skateboard brand today. He brings yet another dimension to the Selfish Skateboards team and we are proud to have him on board. We’ve seen his footage and we are sure you will enjoy it as well when it’s released… that being said we are also very excited to announce our first video! We have been filming in Barcelona for a month for the inaugural Selfish video called Mi Amor. Expect new footage from Terell but also the rest of the team on June 1st.

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2 Responses to Terell Robinson is Selfish

  1. Crisie Lucas says:

    Terell is total bad ass! I’m not just a fan I’m a friend and he not only laughed but rode my warped birdhouse board LOL! Much love!

  2. Jesse says:

    Selfish skateboards are the best skateboards but there all the kewl decks or recent ones are all in japan and stuff if i could buy the decks under the products catagory thats all i would buy but i cant and neither can my skateshop so try and sell them around here!! And lookin forawrd to that new video june 1st thx

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