Jani is Selfish

Selfish just won’t stop growing…it’s been only 2 months since we added Compton’s finest: Terell Robinson, and we are already expanding. We are proud to announce that Jani Laitiala is joining the already solid Selfish Skateboards roster. Jani is hungrier than ever and is one of the most motivated skateboarders I’ve ever came across. He’s been pro on some great international brands so he brings a lot of experience to the table. In the time he’s been out of the spotlight he had his first son so the motivation to succeed has never been stronger. He is not only a great skateboarder but also a great person. We are proud to have him in the family.

We met up with Jani in Barcelona during the filming of our first video: Mi Amor. His first pro model will be available on June 30th to coincide with the release the video. Jereme Rogers, Terell Robinson, Jani Laitiala and Kyle Nicholson all have parts in the movie.

Selfish Skateboards is the only international brand making skateboards in Canada. We offer 100% Canadian maple pressed fresh in Canada so the boards last longer.
More to come…we are just getting started!

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One Response to Jani is Selfish

  1. joutut says:

    So Fuckin Awesome!!! one of the most underratred skaters in the world. Selfish is gonna be big in the future

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