Yellowtape Switzerland

Selfish is poppin in Switzerland. My man Mike from Yellowtape is really doing a great job there! This guy is the real deal. He’s one of the few distributors left that will jump in his car to showcase his products IN THE SHOPS! The pictures here are from the WORLD FAMOUS: Pulp 68 shop in Geneva! This guy has been around since 1995 and only sells high quality skateboards. This is the reason we are moving boards there. Big thanks to Jim the owner for the support since day 1!!! The 2 first picture is in from another great shop called Street City in Zurich… another skateboarder owned skateshop!! Our boards are in amazing cities with great skateboard scenes. We are proud to be sold there!

100% Hardrock Canadian maple and made in Canada. We are the only international brand that puts quality before profit. Skateboarders make, distribute and buy the boards.

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  1. Thanks for this nice Post,greetings from Zürich, Switzerland
    sascha leutwyler

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