#MiAmor Release!

#MiAmor…Selfish In Spain will be officially available in 55 Countries on iTunes, Playstation, Xbox, Android, & hard copy, on Monday July 23rd. Beginning Monday the 23rd, along with being available for purchase, we will be premiering #MiAmor on HellaClips.com for a 48 hour window. This will be the only time it’s on the web for free. Enjoy!

#MiAmor Selfish In Spain http://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/miamor…selfish-in-spain/id544163989
The link above takes you to #MiAmor on iTunes, you can preorder purchase now if you wish, & when #MiAmor becomes available on Monday, it will be automatically downloaded to your account. Thank you in advance for any & all support.

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