Selfish Skateboards is Worldwide!!

The Selfish website/facebook is visited by skateboarders from around the world… USA, Canada, U.K., Italy, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, France, Spain, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Russia, Germany, Austria, Australia, New-Zealand, Argentian, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Turkey, Portugal, Denmark, South Africa, Oman, Belgium, Poland, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Netherland, South Korea, China, Singapore, Ireland, Slovenia, Thailand, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Hungary, Ukraine, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Panama, Romania, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Georgia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cape Verde, Algeria, Greenland, Guatemala, Guam, Iceland, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lithuania, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Qatar, Réunion, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, Uruguay, British Virgin Islands and Vietnam… thanks everybody for the support! We are happy to have you be a part of our Selfish Family!

We have 30000 new friends on Facebook in the last 3 weeks! Come join us by clicking here.

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