Letter from Jereme Rogers

Dear Skateboarders & whomever this may concern,

I understand you don’t understand me, and sometimes can’t stand me. I have unarguably chosen an obscure path. Though it is one I’m grateful for and has brought me to a place in life that I would not trade for anything. I am a human at peace, with myself and the world around me. I am happy. I am who and what I want to be. I am free. I understand that my faith in self is often taken for arrogance; a product of the ego. But I assure you, my faith stems from a real place, and it is not confined to self. I also have the same faith in everyone else. What one man can, another can to. I for whatever reason, have known this truth for as long as I can remember. I also understand I represent something that bothers many men. I stand for and speak out on a truth that if not man’s greatest fear, it is one of man’s most common fears; not that man can’t be what they want, but that they can. If this is true, if I am right, then there’s two things that come to the surface which are not easy to face. One: that many are wrong. Two: that many could be doing what they want, but aren’t. There is a far greater percentage of men not living the life they dream of, then the percentage of men who are. Therefore, first off, I am strongly outnumbered, and if you all wish to gang up on me and say that I am wrong, stupid, crazy, or any of the above, it’s alot easier for you to find that validation in the world to confirm this notion, than it is for me to prove what I know right, to be right. One of my first, and longest lasting fears, was of spiders. They have been scary to me for as long as I remember, and I only recently processed that fear, and became free from it. In doing so, I came to understand the dynamic between me and you, you being my resistance. At any point in time while I still had the fear of spiders, if someone, even someone I love, were to walk up to me holding a spider, and insensitive to my fear of that spider, put it right in front of me, I would not only reject that person and spider, I would also likely get upset and angered if they persisted to dangle this fear of mine before me. When I came to understand this, I also came to understand our relationship, and your resistance that you unconsciously offer me. I have insensitively been dangling one of the most shared fears in front of you, and in return you guys have shared your resistance towards me. I have been rejected, resisted, and hated, as all fears are at some point. But I have not been ignored, as no fear ever is. While still at the point in time where I found spiders frightening, I also found them interesting. Our fears call us. They are meant to be conquered. We feel the need to conquer our fears. When we feel no more fear, we feel no more need to conquer. But in all the attempts that have been made to conquer me, the actual fear itself, has gone unfaced and unconquered for most. The reason someone like Paul, who is one of skateboarding’s greatest men, on all levels, does not incur this same resistance, is because even though he lives in tune with the same source of wisdom I do, he does not bring to the surface in you, the fear that I do. The reason for this is because though he has exceeded light years above what most Skateboarders have ever even dreamed, it is still primarily within the realm of skateboarding. And what that means, is that like all great men before him, his ability, which he personally crafted, and has given himself to fully, is written off as natural talent…which makes it excusable for the observor to not feel any inner conflict if they are not accessing their own talent. Power only differentiates in the amount that we’re accessing. Power; talent, is not confined, knows no boundaries, and can be applied wherever the user wishes. I am far greater at skateboarding than anything else I do, because I have been doing it since 13. I have worked an uncountable amount of hours crafting that talent. But it was a choice. I chose to be a professional skateboarder before I was even a good skateboarder. I chose it without an option for failure and carried out that choice to it’s completion. I was first given the passion, and then merely followed that passion as far as it could take me. Music, just the same, was a conscious choice. I was first given the passion, and now I will follow that passion as far as it takes me. I strongly encourage you not to let the next man influence in any way, unless it’s a positive way, what you feel you can and can’t do. Only you know that, and only you can carry out your chosen fate to it’s completion. Destiny is a matter of choice, not chance. Fear of human opinion disables success, and a free man attracts all men. All things are done wrong before right, even down to riding a bike and walking. If there’s something you wanna do, keep doing it wrong until you find yourself doing it right. Fear is never removed, fear never moves, it is not a thing, but the absence of a thing; Love. Live in Love and you will Love to live. Time and energy are your two greatest assets as a human, and they will both be spent one way or another, whether you do so consciously, or unconsciously. I recommend you spend them wisely, and only on what you wish. Do what you find rewarding, and in this way you will be most rewarded. I will always Love you no matter how you feel about me, and I am indebtedly grateful for those who feel any way about me. Thank you for your energy that you’ve given me. I promise I don’t and won’t waste a drop. I appreciate when you offer me your Love, but Love and hate are both forms of passion, so whatever way you choose to dispense your passion upon me, I am grateful for. Thank you from now until forever. Be free, chase dreams. Nothing great is easy, and nothing easy is great. Keep painting until you got the picture you want.

Names are not important, but mine is Jereme Rogers…and I am a Human Being, just like you.

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7 Responses to Letter from Jereme Rogers

  1. Kenneth Ford says:

    This might be one of the greatest things ever written, keep doing you jereme, people are just mad they’re not as happy as you are

  2. don de says:

    You are so very right

  3. Omar E. says:

    This is absolutely correct!

    There is no big, magical, unattainable mystery as to how to achieve greatness. It is just a mindset to keep doing something until it works. It just explains the very simple fact of commitment becoming second nature. Otherwise, how could you fail? If another human, who is equal to you, can achieve a thing, is that thing or greater not possible for you?

    You can do it, you can do it , you can do it. Be willing to be what you want to be and work to maintain it. Forget negativity, what good comes of that? Nothing. So while one goes out and achieves the road to their dreams through hours of hard work and years of dedication, one man sits and basher on the believers of dreams. I leave you with this…

    Why is it that successful people who live their dreams never bash anyone else who pursues a dream and works for it? Because, they knew what it took. They have it.

    Haters on the other hand, don’t. Or maybe don’t, yet. As with all information, it is important to consider the source? The person out their working, or the person inside typing their fingers away at the workers?

    One life to live, your heart tells you things for a reason…Discover it, there is no gift greater!

    Roll Forever…

    BTW JEREME, email me at this address if you remember me dude. I was the guy who ran into you twice while you were with your chick. We talked about the power of the mind & the way in which it creates realities… I’d like to get an interview that’s in-depth in regards to philosophies on life. The material might just be a perfect outlet for the wisdom.


    Omar E.

  4. Omar E. says:

    Fosho! I forgot to mention that I ran into Jereme & chick at U.S. open of surf!!!

  5. N.w says:

    Well Jereme Rogers, i honestly cant think of a better way to describe a lifes worth of valuable knowledge in one page of words, Your brain is highly developed and it shows, thanks for being yourself.

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