South African FLOW team

Check out more guys of our South African Flow team: Shuaib Philander and Wesley ‘Tooth’ Shroeder! Thanks for the support!

100% Canadian maple and MADE IN CANADA! Not many brands can say this anymore…

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6 Responses to South African FLOW team

  1. Toothless says:

    ho$ .Pagamiesa 20sk8 on Selfish !!!

  2. Ilhaam Ebrahim says:

    Well done guys! Reppin’ the SA skateboarding scene hard! Big things to come :) 20sk8!!! Let’s go global!

  3. taylor says:

    yeah south african selfish team looks fucken sick !

  4. Kyl-3 says:

    Every day I’m Hustlin;) Props to Shuaib and Tooth ‘The Machine’.

  5. DraatjieViking says:

    Salute ounse!! Big ups..

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