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Zumiez mail-order now carrying Selfish Skateboards

A lot of kids have been asking where to buy their Selfish boards online… Zumiez is a very trusted mail-order and they will be carrying our boards. Click here to order some!

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Robocopkilla board… coming to a store near you!!!

Introducing the newest Brian Wenning pro board: The Robo-Cop-Killa board… yeah even Ninjas can’t mess with us!!!! Be sure to ask your local shop to carry these! They are available at all the finest distributors.

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Zealot Indonesia!

Check out the massive selection of Selfish boards available at Zealot Skateshop in Indonesia! Thanks to Iput for all the support! We are in steadily moving into every corner of the globe because of people like him that care about … Continue reading

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Street Dreams Cologne Germany

Street Dreams from Cologne is the first shop to order Selfish boards in Germany! We appreciate your support!!!! Big thanks to Richie, Sölve, Stefan and the entire team at MDCN for making this possible! Wir lieben euch Deutschland! (hope I … Continue reading

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Selfish Skateboards Fall 2011

We are proud to showcase our upcoming Fall Catalog. Our boards keep getting better… more designs are on the way for the Holidays!!! We will update the product section shortly… there’s a lot of new stuff on the way so … Continue reading

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France is looking… merci beaucoup!

Here’s what happened in France yesterday after our press release… people all over the country are looking at us! We are pre-booking the boards for July so be sure to ask your shop to carry these boards! Merci beaucoup la France … Continue reading

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Selfish Skateboards in Venezuela

Check out these pictures sent by our distributor VEC in Venezuela… … its crazy to think that Selfish is sold in all these countries in less than 12 months… thanks Carlos for the support and all the distributors worldwide for … Continue reading

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Selfish in Transworld offices

Prodigy autographed board for Blair Alley over at Transworld… one of a kind collector board right there! If you don’t have one yet email your favorite mailorder to get it!

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Happy mothers day!

I hope all of you didnt forget to wish your mother a happy mothers day yesterday! They are gonna buy your skateboards… better not forget to buy them flowers!!!

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Selfish Skateboards new Series

Press Release for immediate release When we started Selfish Skateboards a few months back Brian, Jereme and Aquil would often brainstorm to find some good company names. Here are some that didn’t make the cut. We aren’t too sure what … Continue reading

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