Kyle Nicholson & Crew

Shredin Black Dimond skatepark at the Franklin Mills Mall in Philly With Kyle Nicholson, Nelly Mundo, Walker, Ki Realer, Jason Klotz, Kevin Taylor.

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Kyle Nicholson Mini Ramp Session

Another video from Selfish Skateboards own Kyle Nicholson. This guy is amazing… period. Check it out!!!

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Primitive: Pain is Beauty

The Primitive video is out on THE BERRICS website. 2 of our pros have a part in the video… You can check out Terells part here and Jereme’s part here.

You can also check the full video here:

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Primitive video premier afterparty

Chaz Ortiz, Jereme Rogers, Terell Robinson and Dan the man.

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#MiAmor in Polska

Thanks Filip for sending the pic. #ComingstraightouttaPoland

Hope you enjoyed the video!

The first Selfish video #MiAmor is also available on iTunes! Only 4.99$ in HD!!

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Pain is Beauty

Be on the lookout for Terell Robinson and Jereme Rogers in the upcoming Primitive video: Pain is Beauty. The Selfish family is busy filming a lot of content for 2013… we’re far from done!

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Selfish in Oman!

It’s amazing to see Selfish boards sold all over the world! This picture was sent by our distributor in Oman! Oman, for those of you that don’t know is a country between the Arabian sea and Saudi Arabia! Thanks Warren from Diversity Dist for the great work over there!

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Stoner hubba session

Stoner Plaza Hubba Session with Paul Rodriguez, Manny Santiago, and Terell Robinson. Check out Terell Robinsons pro model in our product section here.


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New 2013 boards coming soon!

Check out the new 2013 boards in production! Our boards are made with the highest grade hardrock Canadian maple and are manufactured IN Canada!

Freshly made boards will last longer!

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2013 Helliez Award Show! Live from Paris!

2013 Helliez awards show – Live from Paris from Hellaclips on Vimeo.

Live from Paris it’s the 2013 Helliez award show! Hosted by Colin Mckay, Josh Kalis and Selfish founder Jereme Rogers. Check it out!!

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