Stoner hubba session

Stoner Plaza Hubba Session with Paul Rodriguez, Manny Santiago, and Terell Robinson. Check out Terell Robinsons pro model in our product section here.


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New 2013 boards coming soon!

Check out the new 2013 boards in production! Our boards are made with the highest grade hardrock Canadian maple and are manufactured IN Canada!

Freshly made boards will last longer!

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2013 Helliez Award Show! Live from Paris!

2013 Helliez awards show – Live from Paris from Hellaclips on Vimeo.

Live from Paris it’s the 2013 Helliez award show! Hosted by Colin Mckay, Josh Kalis and Selfish founder Jereme Rogers. Check it out!!

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Helliez Award Show

Helliez Award Show Promo from Hellaclips on Vimeo.

Go pick who you think should win a Helliez today! Hosted by Colin Mckay, Josh Kalis and Selfish Skateboards founder Jereme Rogers. Go vote now on

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Selfish in the Philippines

Selfish Skateboard products are now available in the Philippines!!! Thanks to our friend Jack Nonato for distributing our brand there!

This is one of the coolest pictures I’ve ever received!

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Jereme Rogers x Hellaclips

Colin Mckay, Josh Kalis and Jereme Rogers working on something special for you guys… airing soon on

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Kyle Nicholson flying high in Philly… photo by Zoli.

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Full Clip Friday: Terell Robinson

Terell Robinson Full Clip Friday at P Rod’s private skatepark in Los angeles, CA. Guest skater is James Fitzgerald. Filmed and Edited By: Dan Abadi
additional filming by: Louis ‘Rasta’ Martinez. Thanks to Paul Rodriguez and Dan Abadi for making this happen!

Follow Terell on Twitter @terellrobinson or facebook here.
Follow Dan on Instagram and Twitter @danabadi
Follow James on Instagram @jamesfitzz and twitter @jamfitzz
Follow Rasta on Instagram and Twitter @1rastalou
Follow P Rod on Twitter: @prod84

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Jereme Rogers Second Nature

Second Nature is a NEW video with footage that didn’t get used in the Full Clip Friday.
Some extra b roll and slow mo’ed second angles from Jereme Rogers Full Clip Friday at the private skate park in LA
Filmed and Edited By: Dan Abadi

Follow Jereme on Twitter and Instagram @jeremerogers
Follow Dan on Twitter and Instagram @danabadi

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Who is Jereme Rogers

A lot of people have an opinion of Jereme Rogers, whether it be positive or negative they are still talking about him. Jereme gives us the inside info on turning pro, living the life, retiring, finding happiness, Girl Skateboards, and his future. Hate him or love him Jereme Rogers isn’t going to stop. Don’t miss Part 1 of 3 of WHO IS JEREME ROGERS by Havoc TV!

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